Jacqui Rapp provides canonical services for those who need assistance in the Church.  She provides services based on fair and negotiable rates while working with individuals and dioceses in all areas of canon law.  The following canonical services are offered:

To Individuals:

* Advocacy – offering advocacy to those in marriage nullity (annulment) cases, dispute situations or in allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct

* Consultation – offering consultation on canonical issues is available by phone or in written form; any phone consultation will be followed with a confirming letter

* Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation – offering mediation skills to help resolve disputes between individuals or with Church organizations; offering decisions in situations that require a unbiased and neutral third party; and offering skills to help represent parties in negotiations

To Dioceses and Organizations:

* Marriage Tribunal Work – assisting your Tribunal to work in the most cost effective ways possible; will write assessments (judicial) and briefs (defenders’ and advocates’) at any stage of the process at negotiable rates; get the work done without all of the paperwork and payment of benefits to full-time employees!

* Presentations – offering presentations in the areas of marriage, nullity, family issues, and the rights/obligations of the Christian faithful to groups of any size

* Laization and Dismissal Cases – will assimilate the file to be sent to the Congregation for Clergy for laicization cases and administrative dismissals; fees charged on a per hour basis


Rates and fees are determined at fair and reasonable rates.  Rates are determined by negotiation based on individual circumstances.  Billing occurs at each stage of completed work.

Hourly rates are $50 per hour and any travel fees will be assessed in the most economical way possible.  Marriage cases for dioceses are done at a flat rate as negotiated based on circumstances such as size of diocese and amount of work required.  Past rates have ranged from $80 to $175 per case.

All invoices are to be paid within 30 days or further fees will be assessed.